Hi, My name is Juju and I am a 9-year-old, female Belgium, German Malinois Shepherd, I am ready to find my forever home!


Most of the time, I like to kick back and chill with the humans, I'm older now and don't really like hanging with other dogs. The humans where I live think I am great because I pretty much mind my own business, but love to play and go for short runs. They always laugh when I come running in the doggie door through the kitchen and the living room and slide around the corner like Tom Cruise at the beginning of the famous dance scene in Risky Business.

I am fully potty trained and looooove biscuit treats. Recently, I discovered rabbits and occasionally like to try and chase them. I have to be in the mood though. Never saw a cat while I have been at my current home, and I find horses interesting but too big to chase.


The perfect home for me is one where I have a couple of humans loving on me that like to play with me and go on a walk every day. Juju is great with kids but would do best in a home as an only doggy!


During this pandemic most shelters have shut their doors.

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