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CASH ROBINSON Lifted to the Rainbow Bridge 4/7/2023


Cash left us on April 7th.

In 2016 when we first started I Dream Of Home Rescue a little male Chihuahua showed up at my home (I am the founder of IDOHR). We called him Cash, as in Johnny, cause he thought he was cool.

Cash was adopted in October 2016 and became an only fur kid to a man that adored him.

On Friday I saw a video of Cash on my memories, doing his little dance, and me asking him where that personality was at adoption events. LOL

On Saturday Cash's human called me to let me know that Cash had crossed the rainbow bridge on Friday. He wanted me to know what a blessing it was for him to have Cash in his life.

Even now, writing this, I can see his little face. I remember how he loved to go under the covers and sleep behind my knees. When I would call him he would do a little dance that would make my heart smile, I knew he knew he was loved.

Cash came to IDOHR on March 15, 2016, and was estimated to be about 5 years old and was the 17th dog we rescued.

I know that Cash was loved.

March 15, 2011 - April 7, 2023

JUJU MORONATTY Lifted to the Rainbow Bridge 11/19/2022

Juju ❤


Juju left us on November 19th.


Juju was owner surrendered to rescue on December 14, 2020. Her owner had reached out to us earlier in the year to surrender Juju but then stopped responding. We were very happy when she contacted us again months later. Juju was the one that almost got away.


Juju was a beautiful soul, there was something so majestic about her, and loved by everyone that met her. Throughout her journey with the rescue, there were temp fosters and many volunteers that helped transport Juju to and from vet appointments. Juju finally landed with a foster, Tracy and her son, who just absolutely adored her and Juju knew it. Rumor has it Juju was a bed stealer and loved her leisurely strolls. Her favorite thing ever though, was having her coat brushed out.


Juju was owner surrendered to the rescue on 12/14/2020, we had tried to rescue her earlier in the year but after several attempts, her owner went silent. We were happy to finally hear from her owner, Juju was the one that almost got away.


Juju was a beautiful soul, there was something so majestic about her. She was wise beyond her years and loved by everyone that met her.


Throughout her journey with the rescue, there were temp fosters and many volunteers that helped transport Juju to and from vet appointments. Juju finally landed with a foster who just absolutely adored her and Juju knew it. Rumor has it Juju was a bed stealer and loved her leisurely strolls. Her favorite thing ever though, was having her coat brushed out.


I want to thank a few people that fostered and those that helped with transporting Juju. Tracy Moronatty, Cat Brown Mayfield, Kelly Tomlinson, Wendy Kolber, Lisa, and Shelley for fostering / temp fostering. O'Keefe Kelcey, Nicole Anderson, and Anne Neal for transporting.


316180624_5994434813924032_3143210326166028104_n (1).jpg
144777491_1294395884268661_3190359308630150121_n (2).jpg
SAM GIAKOUMIS Lifted to the Rainbow Bridge 5/4/2022

Sam, and his canine buddy Bridgette, came to us in November of 2020, surrendered after their owner had passed away. On May 4th, 2021, Sam was adopted by a lovely lady from Spokane Washington. We don't normally adopt out of state but Julie, his adopter, made a convincing argument for why she was the perfect person for Sam, and well we couldn't turn her down. Julie flew out to meet Sam in person, and then went back and prepared for his adoption. She then flew back out with a friend and drove back to Spokane. Julie was aware that Sam was in kidney failure but she was determined to make what time he had left the absolute best and she did. He was loved and went everywhere with Julie. 

Julie let Sam's foster Mom, Kathy Leong know that Sam was lifted to the rainbow bridge on 5/4/2022. The one-year anniversary of his adoption date. 

Thank you Kathy Leong for fostering Sam. Julie Gaikoumis thank you for giving Sam a wonderful year. 

DINA TRENT Lifted to the Rainbow Bridge 4/26/2022

It is never easy facing the loss of a fur baby. It's heartbreaking for the family and it's heartbreaking for their rescue family.

Cordina Linda Lu, aka Dina, came to us as an owner surrender after her owner had passed away. In March of 2021, Dina was adopted by Cathy. Cathy adored Dina and Dina loved Cathy. On April 26th, Cathy called to let me know that Dina had passed away suddenly, with no warning. My heart absolutely broke for Cathy. 

Our IDOHR dogs and their adopters become a permanent part of our rescue. We are fortunate enough to have some of the most amazing adopters that treat their adopted doggo's so well.

Thank you Norma Medley for fostering Dina. Cathy Davis Trent thank you for being the most amazing Humom to Dina.

Dina was loved and will be missed.

JAZMIN EDWARDS Crossed the Rainbow Bridge 11/5/2021

It is never easy facing the loss of a fur baby. It's heartbreaking for the family and it's heartbreaking for their rescue family.

In August of 2020 Jazmin, who was found as a stray, was adopted by a wonderful couple named Phyllis and Robert. Friday we received a message from Jazmin's human sister, Heidi, that Phyllis and Robert were having to make the difficult decision to help Jazmin cross the rainbow bridge.

Heidi shared the following with me.

Jaz traveled to Oregon, Washington, Montana, South Carolina, Arizona, Oklahoma, and Georgia. She loved traveling and camping. Jaz was such a lovable girl, she loved everybody...even if they sat in her spot on the couch, she would just squeeze in and cuddle up to them. She loved to lay on her back and get her belly rubbed.

Jaz knew the time by the hour and would gently remind you if breakfast or dinner were even a few minutes late. She loved walks and carefully guarded everywhere she went. She didn't care for other dogs walking on HER streets. At 4:00 she would remind you it was time to go sit on the porch to socialize with the neighbors walking by. Her 6:00 walk was her favorite and if you weren't out the door by then, she would run up and down the hallway reminding you it's time to go! She quickly bonded with my daughter's dog, Bruno, and looked forward to his visits...she even let him walk on HER streets.

We did not have a lot of time with her, but we will forever cherish the time we did have.


Jazmin was named after the wonderful lady who found her. I can't thank her enough for trusting I Dream of Home Rescue to help Jaz.

Cat thank you so much for fostering Jazmin.

Phyllis, Robert, Heidi, and family. Thank you all so much for giving this amazing little creature such a wonderful home.

Jazmin, you were loved and will be missed.

251038224_853440948606842_3261789609922377642_n (1).jpg
BOOGIE GILLAM Crossed the Rainbow Bridge 4/22/2021

Death is inevitable, very few people are ever prepared for it. Maybe just the person that is dying understands but those left behind seldom do. I'm not just talking about us humans, our loving pets also experience the loss.

December 24th, 2020 I was contacted about a dog named Boogie, whose person had passed away. His person was named Bobby. Bobby had rescued Boogie from a situation where Boogie had been crated for 2 years. By all accounts, Bobby was Boogie's person and that Boogie loved him and only him. When Bobby passed away on 12/24/2020, Boogie's life changed forever. Bobby's remaining family couldn't keep Boogie and sought a rescue for him. We picked up Boogie on the day Bobby died and he has been with a loving foster every since.

Boogie was 18 years old, mostly blind and mostly deaf, had dementia, arthritis, and walked slowly. We were told he didn't like kids but was fine with his foster's son. As much as his foster's, Jean and Randy tried to give him love and affection Boogie wasn't really interested. It was very obvious that Boogie was experiencing the loss of Bobby too.

This week Boogie stopped eating, we took him to the vet and he was given fluids and anti-nausea meds. This lead to him eating a bit, but then almost nothing the following days. So back to the vet we went. After speaking with his fosters and the vet we made the difficult decision to help Boogie cross the rainbow bridge. We hope with every fiber of our being that he is with Bobby now and that he is happy.

I can't thank Jean and Randy enough for giving Boogie a loving place to live the remainder of his life. They took him in on Christmas Day with no hesitation.

Thank you Danielle and Alex for picking him up on Christmas Eve and taking him to Jean on Christmas.

We found this picture of Bobby and Boogie, it's beautiful.

Run free Boogie, you were loved.

DUTCHESS CIULLA Crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 4/16/2021

Dutchess came to us in April of 2020. She was the sweetest little girl and absolutely loved her treats. There were a lot of amazing people involved in the rescue of Dutchess. Thank you Norma for fostering Dutchess when she first came into rescue. Without your foster offer, we would not have able to bring Dutchess into rescue.

Thank you Charlene for adopting Dutchess and for giving joy and love to Dutchess at the end of her life. Thank you, Theresa, for being there for both your Mom and Dutchess. Dutchess was Charlene's little sidekick! Charlene took Dutchess in after finding out she was a senior dog with lymphoma and knew her time was limited. Theresa would tease Charlene that Dutchess ate better than she did as a child. Her Mom cooked for Dutchess, managed her appointments with 3 different doctors & numerous medications. They were kindred spirits right from the start! Both slow-moving and highly motivated by food.


It was truly a privilege to love her!! We are going to miss her so much! She was such a sweet girl and such a fighter! Sweet dreams Dutchess!


Run free over the rainbow bridge.

Dutchess Ciulla, 2010-2021.

HANK GRAHAM - 11/2016 - 2/17/2020

Hank came into rescue on 3/31/2017, he was just 5 months old.  He was fostered and adopted by Karen Graham, she loved him so much and gave him a wonderful home.

Hank became ill suddenly, Karen did everything she could to save him but he had cancer. Nothing could be done. His passing has left a huge hole in his person's heart.  


Hank was taken too soon. Rest easy big guy, you are loved.


MOSES Unknown - 11/11/2019

Moses crossed the Bridge - November 11, 2019

Moses was found in our local mountains on August 13. He was such a sweet gentle older boy that we all just sort of fell in love with him. Moses was adopted on October 20th, by Wendy Kolber Brown and her family. Wendy had temp fostered Moses while his regular foster Kate Chambers Misawa was on vacation and absolutely just fell in love. Wendy decided to adopt Moses.


The Misawa family had fostered Moses since he was found and were happy to see him stay in the IDOHR family.

At the beginning of November Moses started experiencing some breathing issues, we had him checked out and he was given antibiotics for what we thought might be an infection.

On November 11th, his breathing become very labored, so Wendy took him back to the vet. The vet suspects that Moses had cancer and it had spread. Moses was not in pain, but he was not getting sufficient oxygen. Wendy took Moses home and spent the day giving him lots of love. I'm thankful that she gave Kate and her daughter Ella the opportunity to also spent time with him. Then yesterday afternoon, with Wendy by his side, Moses crossed the rainbow bridge.

We will never know what Moses' life was like before he came to IDOHR but I know with all my heart that he was loved from the moment he arrived.

Moses was a very sweet boy and was very loved by the Misawa's and the Brown's. Wendy, I am truly sorry for your loss. Kate, thank you for loving his old man.

Terry Alan Sprague, October 6, 1947 - August 28, 2019

A series of events occurred today that put me in the place I needed to be to say goodbye for the last time to my good friend, I Dream of Home Rescue supporter and consigliere Terry Sprague.

Terry was one of the kindest people I ever knew. His love and compassion for dogs was amazing. He could always make me laugh and what a sense of humor! Terry was always so thoughtful and always gave so much of himself.

Oh and man could he cook and bake. ❤️


Terry told me that he was grateful for the life he had. I know he was blessed for 50 years to have such an amazing wife, Belle.

Terry was a fountain of knowledge and a vital part of IDOHR from the very beginning. He was our biggest cheerleader and supporter. He devoted so much of his time to the English Springer Rescue America he volunteered for and to us. Both rescues are better for having known him and will feel this loss for a long time.

Eva, Ignacio and I learned so much from Terry.


I will miss him so much, I’m grateful I got to say goodbye today. I love you my friend, you will always be in my heart.

MADDIE 12/9/18 - 9/6/2019

Maddie crossed the Bridge - September 9, 2019

From Maddie's foster mom Eva: 

IDOHR's Katrina was tagged on a post about a Poodle being Surrendered to the Shelter on 10/18..Adopted 12/18 and was going to be returned just 3 days later. We were outraged & she was a Cushing's girl. I knew about the illness. Lady had prepared me for this moment. George & I stepped up to Foster.

Maddie came into our home 12/9/2018 shaking & trembling. She was handed off to me literally on my porch with diapers and a collar the shelter gave her. She was so scared. She was deaf, but knew something was off. I took her in my arms held her close and rocked her. I knew she couldnt here me, but she could feel the vibrations of my words. "There, there little girl...there, there, dont be afraid."

She met my pack and fit right in unassumingly

I was told she needed diapers because she was incontinent. I discovered she hated those damn things and let her be. She was not incontinent, she was pee selective, lol

We took her to our Amazing Vets at Western U and Dr Davis was in charge of her care and routine visits. She was given 2 weeks to live. We even had a Maddie Countdown with Beautiful adventures.

She was all...HOLD MY BEER, I'm digging this Life.

She lived Life by her own standards. I called her the Mad Queen, because sometimes she'd go outside through the doggie door like a champ and other days she just missed the mark. She would communicate soooo well.
She CAME ALIVE at feeding time...she'd smell food and Boom...she'd be at my feet literally stomping on them til I fed her. I couldnt escape her either. She'd get her point across. She would also step in the Pack's water dispenser like a Boss and then stare at them.and walk away....secretly I knew she was saying..."There's nothing you can do about it Bitches."
She had gusto, flair for a Little 16yr old Poodle.

In recent months she has slowed down and not been herself. We
had quality of life check ups and she fooled us all...up until this week. She has not been herself and has not been able to bounce back. She is tired and her little face and body shows it. She doesnt have that glimmer in her eyes anymore, she didnt come alive with food, not even chicken (her favorite)..and today she lifted her head as to say...that's gotta call it now, its not a false alarm & I'm ready.

Thats alway been Maddie...on her own terms, no one else's.

I think I cry more when we get the Fospice cases because I always wonder how their lives were before they got to us.

Today Sept 6, 2019 you earned your Wings..Soar Baby Girl Soar🐾❣

"Don't worry about a thing, cuz every little thing gonna be alright....

Three Little Birds by my doorstep Singing Sweet Songs....of melodies pure and true🎶🎶🎵🎼💔"

You were everyone's Sweetheart...and We Love you so Very Much.

LENNY 6/27/16 - 8/27/2018

Lenny crossed the Bridge - August 27, 2018

From Lenny's foster mom Eva: 

I struggled all weekend with the impending appointment we had Monday (today) for Lenny. 
The word Dignity kept getting in my thoughts. 
I watched Lenny like a hawk all weekend and slept by his side, looking for signs that it wasn't time to let go yet. I saw glimpses of the pup he once was, but I also saw what a tired little soul he had become, carrying the burden of a body that just wouldn't function for him. At times I witnessed the neurological issues he was also experiencing & it broke my heart.

So I asked myself..."Is my being selfish, giving him the Dignity he so deserves? And I actually looked up the definition.


I needed to let him go.


Thank you Lenny for making me a better human. Thank you for teaching me such valuable life lessons.

My hope is that when I'm riding in the car alone, lost in my and all the others are there with me, fighting over who gets to ride shotgun.

I Love You Forever.

lenny 4.jpg
lenny 3_edited.jpg
LADY 1/26/17 - 04/25/2018

Lady crossed the Bridge - April 25, 2018

From Lady's foster mom Eva: 

Today we said goodbye to the Most Beautiful Soul I've ever had the privilege to Love.

George was her Hero one rainy night as he rescued her off a freeway on ramp. She has been with us ever since. She was soft and kind. We Loved her beyond measure. Our pack adored her. I will miss her little awkward dance & tail wag.

We Love you Lady. 💞

TEXAS 10/27/16 - 01/27/2018

Texas crossed the Bridge - January 27, 2018

Thank you Jean for saving Texas and for being with him in the end.  Jean and Randolph thank you all for the care, love and attention you gave Texas. 

ABE 09/21/16 - 05/13/2017

Abe crossed the Bridge - May 13, 2017


We don't know what Abe's life was like before he came to IDOHR. What we do know is that from the minute he came to us he was loved. Eva pulled Abe from Inland because he looked so frail & defeated. He fooled her because once he was out he was full of Life & Spunk. This was one of her best decisions ever.


We learned on Wednesday that Abe had a very aggressive cancer. After meeting with the vet today we learned that even if removed the mass we would only be buying him a small amount of time and that time would be spent recovering from an extensive surgery. We made the difficult to help Abe pass the rainbow bridge.


Thank you Eva for saving Abe and for being with him in the end. Cat, Jean, Randolph and Melinda Jo thank you all for the care, love and attention you gave Abe. 

MOLLY 01/5/2017

Molly crossed the rainbow bridge January 5, 2017


It's with a very heavy and sad heart that Heaven received another furry Angel.

The Unsinkable Molly Brown fought like a soldier but the fungal pneumonia was just too aggressive for her to overcome.


Fly Free Sweet girl you are loved and missed.

Until we meet again.


On 1/3/2017 Cupid and Dasher, two of Jasmin's puppies were taken to the vet for symptoms that seemed a bit neurological. We immediately opted to have them tested for Distemper. We had expected to receive the results today. However, when we went to move them from Western University to Pomona Animal Hospital they rapidly declined.

Their foster, Shafali, rushed them to the emergency vet in Upland. We were advised that they were suffering and the decision was made to help them over the rainbow bridge.

On 1/4/2017 it was confirmed that Cupid and Dasher were positive for distemper and now Jasmine and the remaining pups were also showing signs of the disease.  We made the decision to humanely euthanize Jasmine and her remaining puppies. We have no doubt that the little family contracted this horrible disease at the San Bernardino County Animal Shelter from where we rescued them. Distemper is a horrible disease and it's heartbreaking because it's so easily preventable. 


Everyone at I Dream of Home Rescue was shattered to the core by this horrible event. This little family was loved by everyone at IDOHR and double that by their wonder family.


My thoughts and prayers go out to Shafali Grewal and the Grewal family, I hope that they are able to find peace in knowing that Jasmine, Cupid, Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen and Comet all new love, warmth, and happiness in their short lives.



FLORA | RIP Saturday, May 7th, 2016

Our beautiful Flora crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Saturday, May 7, 2016.

She was loved, she will be missed, she is always in our hearts and minds.


 Chloe | March 14, 2016

Today a life passed from this world. That life had a name, it was Chloe. She was tiny and perfect. I don't know what Chloe's life was like before she ended up at the shelter. I do know Chloe's life at the shelter was loud, cold and scary. I know this delicate little creature must have been terrified. I know that Chloe was a small tan Chihuahua, like a thousand other tan Chihuahua's that find themselves at the shelter. She was perfect and she mattered, they all matter.

Chloe was very sick and had a grade 4 heart murmur but all we knew we had to try to save her. We pulled her, Eva bathed her, cuddled with her and loved her. Despite our best efforts to get her to eat she wouldn't, so we hospitalized her. She came home to me on Saturday. I loved her, held for hours telling her she was loved and to fight. Hoping she would know that a better beautiful life was waiting for her.

Today, Chloe, that beautiful little tiny creature, passed from this world. I held her and told her she was loved.

Today our hearts broke into a million little pieces. Chloe, I'm sorry sweetie.

ROCKY 02/2016

Rocky was a cherished family member of IDOHR, he was loved and we will miss him dearly.


Our family had to say goodbye to Rocky and we hope he is running pain free and happy in whatever bliss lies on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.


Until we meet again.

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