Original Watercolor Artwork by Kristen Kuhns, the high pigment with low water give it an almost chalky look.

This wonderful painting was the inspiration of our logo.


I Dream of Home Rescue's (IDOHR) mission is to rescue abandoned, unwanted and surrendered animals. While we search for loving homes, we give them what all animals deserve: shelter, food, veterinary care, and love. IDOHR will also advocate and educate on the importance of pet adoption, spaying, neutering and proper pet care.

Why Rescue?!

Because you'll change a homeless animal's whole life for the better and you'll be rewarded with their expressions of gratitude for as long as you both shall live. ​
Plus our available pooches come vaccinated, microchipped and spayed or neutered. 

Become a Sponsor



Wow, it's been a couple of very busy years for IDOHR! We've rescued many medical and senior dogs and our medical funds are always being stretched to the limits! We need your help to continue to help with medical and senior dogs.

IDOHR currently has Max who is a fospice dog who has a cancerous mass on his liver that is inoperable. 

Please consider becoming a sponsor for Max - a small monthly donation of $25 will help cover some of his medicine and food expenses. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please send us a message.

Thank you from all of us at IDOHR.

If you would like to sponsor

an IDOHR hospice dog please click below and select monthly donation.  
Thank you!


Without the valuable support of loving foster homes we cannot continue our work.  Our fosters are the backbone of our organization, please consider fostering.


We provide all care for the dog, including food, medical and accessories.


You will be saving a life and help us to continue to rescue shelter animals who would otherwise perish.


Click here to complete foster application.


Thank you,



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