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Maddie and Lucille are Forever Fosters here at I Dream of Home Rescue. They are our "fospice dogs" and we will love and care for them until they tell us it's time to leave us.
FOSPICE: Program designed to provide palliative care and emotional support to the terminally ill in a home or homelike setting so that quality of life is maintained and fosters may be active participants in care.
Poodle | 16 Years old


We get the worst possible news ever today regarding Maddie.

She is officially Fospice.

I get home, get her fed & settled....

The Song "I'll be Home for Christmas" starts playing softly...

And the words linger..."You can count on me"
And I whisper...yes...yes Maddie you most definitely can count on me.

Can your heart break over a Little Dog you just met? Absolutely. Too much Heartache this year? Most definitely.

I ask what is the Lesson in this One? Why did she choose us/me to guide her to the Bridge when its time??? I don't know yet.

I know I'll keep her comfortable. When its time, I'll be holding her in my arms.

So many things going through my mind...

She will Matter & We will Celebrate her every day til Christmas...if she can hang on.



Well we always say Go Big or Go Home, right?!?!

Geez this Girl cannot catch a break.

We are dealing with Pancreatitis, Enlarged Liver & Kidneys...the Labs are through the roof. 
She did have labs done in October by the Shelter and her Liver and Kidney enzymes have tripled. 
She is Anemic
Possibly a bit dehydrated
Cushings is the lowest man on totem pole right now
Cataracts in both eyes
Not producing tears in Rt eye.
Giardia Positive

Our Team asked for approval of Ultrasound and X-rays which we okay-ed.

We still need Funds for this Pretty Senior in a dire way.

Anything Helps!! Begging Here!!

She's looking like a Fospice case, but she will get the medical treatment needed no matter what her outcome.

And so we are clear on her Back Story. She was Surrendered by her Owners to a Shelter at 16 yrs old. She remained there 3 months, Adopted for 2 days this past Friday and we intercepted the return to same Shelter yesterday..

Aside from all that ails her...She is The Sweetest Girl Ever!!!!!



This is Maddie
She's 16, partially blind, deaf and has Cushings....does she sound like anyone familiar??? (My Lady Bird's exact symptoms)

I'm getting choked up typing this...but here it goes. I always look for signs that Im doing the right thing when I'm about to jump into a rescue endeavor. Well..Lady's song came on my Amazon playlist at the exact moment I was asking George King if we could Foster & Katrina Gomez about where Maddie was at this moment. And I just bawled my eyes out. Thank you Lady for being her advocate today. I miss you!!

Maddie was at a Shelter for 3 months. A Good Samaritan adopted her and quickly realized this is not an easy case. She was headed back to the same shelter, which we all know can be a death sentence at this time for returns that are seniors and major medicals.

I asked my better half if we could Foster her until a Reputable Senior Rescue could be found....because "Not on my F**ken Watch" took over.

She is set up to get a thorough Vet check tomorrow.

Can we get some funds for her??

Still searching for Rescue but not getting vetted is just not our style.

I'd like to get her a senior blood panel , giardia snap test, fecal test, eye shimmer test done.

This easily will be about 400.00

Can we get Maddie Girl a little help.

You can donate straight to the vet tomorrow 
Western University 
C/O Maddie Senior
909 865 2433

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